Tassimo Bosch Drip Tray


It’s made from a simple plastic and is 7 cm high and has a diameter of 11 cm making it the perfect height for your Bosch Tassimo. It’s sold through Bosch so you can be sure that you’re getting an official, top quality, product.


This Drip Tray is the perfect replacement part for a broken drip tray in your Tassimo coffee maker. Don’t let a broken drip tray stop you from enjoying your coffee. The drip tray is easy to replace and is needed to keep your coffee maker in good condition. You don’t want coffee getting everywhere after all.

The Drip Tray/Salver for Tassimo is compatible with most Tassimo machines. It’s suitable for the following Bosch Tassimo machines:

The Tassimo T20
The Tassimo T40
The Tassimo T55
The Tassimo T65
The Tassimo T85