Iced Beverage Pitcher


Do keep in mind that although this is a 32 ounce pitcher when it is filled with the line with the ice it only holds about 16 ounces of tea and because the ice melts somewhat you want to make your tea slightly stronger to get the right strength for you.

This Keurig replacement pitcher is perfect size for those people who simply want a refreshing glass or two of iced tea or iced coffee to cool off on those hot summer afternoons or to enjoy with lunch or dinner.


If you enjoy iced tea or ice coffee during those hot summer months and own a Keurig reservoir brewer (2.0) then getting back your Keurig iced beverage replacement pitcher is a must. This great little pitcher replacement is perfect for brewing and serving 2 tall glasses of ice tea over ice allowing you to have fresh brewed iced anytime you want just like the original one that you bought.

This hard plastic pitcher is designed to be extremely durable and is double walled to keep your iced beverages cold longer without the outside of the pitcher sweating. When filled to the rim with ice this pitcher takes 2 K-cups of tea and then the pitcher can easily be stored in the refrigerator. The spare Keurig pitcher measures 7 inches tall and 7 inches wide from spout to handle.