Descaling (Cleaning) Solution


This descaling solution is odorless and works fast to remove any and all mineral build-up in your Keurig brewer. Best of all this solution is powerful enough you only need to use every 3 to 6 months depending on how fast those minerals build up in your machine.


Keurig coffee makers make preparing that cup of great tasting coffee simply and easily. However, like any coffee maker these machines can suffer from lime and calcium build up that can leave your coffee maker running less efficiently and your coffee tasting less that perfect. Keurig Descaling solution is made to work in all Keurig brewers removing the calcium build-up caused by hard water and allowing your coffee to flow through better and improve the taste of your coffee.
The directions for this solution are straightforward and easy to follow making this product easy and simple to use. It rinses out easily leaving no after taste behind. So if you have hard water and a Keurig coffee making then you just may find Keurig descaling solution the ideal way to prolong the life your coffee maker.