B3000 Water Filter Kit


This Keurig B3000 water filter kit includes the filter, mounting head with screws and bracket, detailed graphical instructions. ¼ inch quick connect fittings are in the mounting head unit as well as Brewer Enhancer to keep your brewer in great condition.


Don’t let your Keurig B3000 brewers wear out by not filtering it or by not having the right kind of filter kit. Use this Keurig Filter Kit for the B3000 and B3000se models and make your brewers shine like new and functioning awesomely! Dubbed as the ultimate “user friendly” inline filter on the market for the Keurig B3000 and B3000se, it features a granular carbon filter for taste and odor reduction, polypropylene depth filtration for removal of grit and sediment, and polyphosphate to control lime and scale deposits. The replacement of the spent media bed is completed is just a matter of seconds by simply removing the filter body from a permanent head with a twist of the wrist. The new filter body is just as easily threaded into the head and the replacement is then complete. It is so simple but we still have detailed instructions included with the kit so you can do it in a snap!

Do take note that the water line, ¾” to ¼” adapter and shut off valve are not included. The filter kit is perfectly compatible for the Keurig B3000 and B3000SE series. Your Keurig coffee machine brewer should be taken care of and this water filter kit would do that just for you!