B150 Water Line Connector

This Keurig direct water line connector hookups with the Keurig B150 model and is also fit for all kits that do not give you the connector originally in the pack. This B150 connector is the perfect replacement for your damaged connector, that includes an exclusive part that will allow you to do the installation fast and easy.


Looking to connect a direct water line to your Keurig machine? This direct water line connector for the Keurig B150 is perfect if you don’t have a connector yet or your current one broke. Don’t waste anymore time looking for the perfect replacement connector.The elbow has a 90 degrees angle so it will work perfectly for alternative outputs.

This black connector is designed to make a connection with a 1/4″ water line with an 1/4 ” tube attached to a 3/4″ female garden hose thread. A brand new, high quality replacement peace and also includes an exclusive washer. Get your Direct Water Line working with this brand new, high quality hook-up with the Keurig B150 coffee machine maker.