B150/K150 Water Line Plumbing Kit


This specifically works with the Keurig B150 or K150 single-cup machines. A heads up though, this does not include filter, water line or fittings.


Looking for a direct water line connection for your brewing machine? Well, you don’t need to search further because this direct water line plumbing kit does that for your brewing system! This tank allows you to hook up a direct water line connection. You just need to remove your old tank and install this one.

This original direct water line plumbing kit part absolutely makes brewing your coffee a whole lot easier! Convenience is the name of the game! With this superb water line, you don’t have to worry anymore about dealing with internal filters or spilling water since you won’t have to fill the reservoir ever again. It brings awesome performance and durability. With the water line, everyone can truly enjoy brewing their coffee day in and day out!