B150/B200 Water Filter


This filter is compatible with the Keurig B150, B200, B3000, B3000SE and Flavia brewers. Check out what more people have to rave about it on Amazon


If you bought a Keurig coffee maker then it is safe to say you are a coffee lover or at least enjoy hot beverages. You are probably already wondering what you can do to have the best tasting beverages possible from your Keurig coffee maker. Well, we have the answer. The best tasting beverages begin with clean water. If you are making coffee with tap water then it is likely full of minerals and other things that affect the taste of your drinks. Most people solve this problem with a charcoal filter system for the Keurig coffee machine to cleanse the water before using it in beverages. T

his Keurig filter kit will remove the impurities and minerals from your home or office water supply so you can enjoy the maximum flavor from your mixed drinks. You can even enjoy the purified water itself. This filter kit for the Keurig machine includes all of the necessary parts to attach it to the wall and is very easy to install by yourself. This filter will last for years and you can easily and quickly replace the charcoal filter yourself. When your family and friends taste how delicious the hot drinks are at your home they may never go to a coffee and tea shop again!