BrewStation Water Tank


Many people find that replacing their old BrewStation tank provides many benefits. The Hamilton Beach BrewStation old tank may have accumulated stains over time, which can contribute to a bad tasting coffee. The tank may be chipped or cracked, which can cause moisture damage to your coffee maker. The mesh filter in the basket can also get clogged up over time. Having a new tank will allow the coffee maker to quickly brew coffee once again.


This replacement tank will fit many models of Hamilton Beach coffee machines. It’s more affordable to purchase this BrewStation tank an entirely new coffee machine. It holds twelve cups of water. It’s made from stainless steel, black plastic, silver plastic, and clear plastic features. It will fit the models of 48463, 48463R, 48464, 48464R, 48465, 48465R, 48466 Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee makers.