Brewstation Power Cord


As we all know, the Hamilton Beach Brewstations are friends of our daily life. They provide us with one of the fundamental things one need in the morning, coffee! But, as unfortunate as it is sometimes the power cord of this coffee maker may get burned or damaged. That’s why this replacement cord is in the stores to help you out.


This 2 pin cord and will not work if your unit has 3 pins. It is also applicable even if your unit model is the same as the company launched same model units with different pin cords. This replacement cord is 36 inches long, hence letting you place your unit comfortably. There is 1/2″ of spacing from the center of each hole. 7mm between the inside edge of each hole. The cord is made for standard US socket system so it will easily fit. As the cord is much more durable, you won’t have to worry about burning it or damaging. So, claim it for an affordable price and have a fresh cup of coffee every day!