Cuisinart Water Filters


Fits CHW-12, DCC-1000BK, DCC-1100 Series, DCC-1200 Series, DGB-600 Series, DCC-2000, DCC-2200, DCC-750/BK, DCC-2600, DGB-700BC, DGB-900BC, DCC-2650, DCC-2750, DCC-3000, DCC-2800, DCC-2900, SS-300 and SS-700


Coffee is indeed one of the most famous drink around the world. If you are one of those people who really loves drinking more coffee everyday, you would probably want your coffee to taste really satisfying. Replacing the Cuisinart DCC-RWF coffee maker replacement water filters not only will make your coffee taste of richness, but it’s very important to your overall health.

Remembering that water has the biggest percentage in making a coffee is important. Knowing that fact, replacing the filters for the DCC-RWF coffee maker is just as important. If you don’t use a good quality of water, there is a big chance that it will not satisfy you or your body. These filters are best compatible with DCC-1000BK, DCC-1200, DGB-600, DCC-2000, DCC-2200.

With these extra set of Cuisinart DCC-RWF spare filters, no matter what kind of water you will use, tap water or not, there is an assurance that your coffee will turn out great. It will filter your water to make sure that there is no unnecessary taste and smell in it. Enjoy every sip of your coffee with these water filters best for DCC-1000BK, DCC-1200, DGB-600, DCC-2000, and DCC-2200 models.